Alex RS

Recuperatore di calore 
Per caldaie

Alex RS

Recuperatore di 
Calore per caldaie

Modularity and resistance

  • Recuperator Alex-RS can be applied to the entire range of domestic boilers up to an output of 32 kW. Furthermore, thanks to the brazed Aluminum body, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance are optimized for the appliance.
  • The product is completely brazed using specific Aluminum alloys (Long Life Alloy) developed with major producers to increase corrosion resistance.

New recuperator in the boiler

  • The combustion products go from the hood into the recuperator at a temperature range of 130-160 °C, while the water arrives from the circuit at a temperature range of 30-60 °C (depending on the boiler setting). The contact between the two mediums allows a further heat exchange and a gain of efficiency.
  • The combustion products exit from the boiler at a temperature range of 50-70 °C, while the preheated water of the circuit goes into the primary heat exchanger.
  • The possible condensation inside the recuperator is conveyed into a specific drainpipe.
  • The exchange body of the recuperator is completely realized in Aluminum and consequently it is recommended to use inhibiters against corrosion, the antifreeze and the cleaning solutions.

Target and advantages

  • Increase boiler efficiency (up to 104%)
  • Easy to install and adapt
  • High reliability thanks to the use of Long Life Aluminum alloy
  • Competitive price

Advantages Alex–RS Vs actual recuperator

  • Robustness on water side (developed for aggressive environment)
  • Low water pressure drop
  • Cost competiveness
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is an answer to the complex and difficult market
  • Lower temperature on the primary heat exchanger (from 480 °C to 140 °C) that reduce the clogging

Richiedi Info

    potenza termica (max) dimensioni ingombro (P) dimensioni ingombro (H) dimensioni ingombro ( L) Ø uscita fumi Ø scarico condensa
    32 kW 158 mm 195 mm 209 mm 60 mm 18 mm

    * La potenza termica espressa in tabella è INDICATIVA.

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