Bithermal 6 oval tubes


6 oval tubes


Heat exchangers for traditional boilers

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    overall dimensions (A) overall dimensions (B) number flapsheat output(max)
    180 mm 230 mm 70-84 24 kW
    180 mm 260-270 mm 79-99 28 kW
    180 mm 290-302-320 mm 86-117 32 kW

    * The heat output expressed in the table is INDICATIVE.

    functional features
    maximum operating pressure bar3
    maximum operating temperature °C 93
    maximum operating pressure (sanitary) bar10
    maximum operating temperature (sanitary) °C 90
    minimum distance from the burner mm 140
    surface treatment silicone coating with added aluminum
    Various types of connections are available. Contact Valmex S.p.A. in case of necessary fittings and/or customizations.

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