Center of Excellence – R&D Laboratory

The Valmex Centre of Excellence was opened in September 2021 with the intention of offering a customer service that meets the highest quality standards.

The expertise of the staff and the laboratory organisation offer a service at the highest level.

The activities cover two areas of experimentation organised as follows:

  1. Boiler testing area
    The facility is equipped with two test benches for performing tests on boilers up to 250 kW in both heating and domestic hot water drawdown, according to the most common industry standards (e.g. EN 15502, Erp, etc).
  2. Mechanical and reliability test area:

    The facility consists of a space housing 16 test stations for the execution of heat cycles managed by automation systems on both heating and domestic hot water drawdown on boilers up to 200 kW.

There is also equipment for performing mechanical tests on plastics and metals including:

  • Tensile tests;
  • Chemical ageing tests;
  • Tests under simulated environmental conditions (-20°C to 350°C);
  • Salt spray chamber corrosion tests (EN ISO 9227 – ASTM G85 (A3));
  • Pressure tests (burst and water hammer simulation);

  • Metallographic analyses with sample preparation equipment and microscopic analysis;
  • Microhardness measurements (EN ISO 898-1).