The Company

Valmex S.p.a. is considered one of the world’s most important manufacturers of heat exchangers for the
plumbing and heating sector, with a deep-rooted presence. Valmex is also a reference point for major
market players.
Valmex is an active player dedicated to leadership, relying on the operational, commercial and industrial
integration of the Heat Exchanger Division and the Cold Metal Forging Unit.

The company has 2 adjoining production plants of 20,000 square metres in the municipality of Cartoceto
where its registered office is located, 1 production plant of 5,000 square metres in the municipality of
Montefelcino (PU) in addition to the Chinese branch of Valmex Kunshan (Shanghai) where a dedicated
team operates.

Production plants are connected thanks to investments in tracking, robotics and sensor tools, specifically
the computer system is distributed and allows electronic control of the physical systems by means of
flexible software, thanks to which the company has real-time access to read and write data.

The company’s turnover exceeds 100 million Euro and Valmex employs more than 400 employees.

Social commitment – Deeply rooted in the territory

Valmex Group has always been firmly rooted in its territory and firmly believes in the importance of people, acknowledging them as the core of the company’s development.

Every year we create employment and career opportunities always putting the value of the person first.

In terms of HR investments, Valmex Group has chosen the path of continuous training, believing in people who put their passion and dedication into what they do, providing the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

It is only thanks to the people that are part of the Valmex group that we can keep pursuing our goals, year after year, building stability and serenity for our people.

The growth and enhancement of human capital are the foundations on which we have built and continue, with enthusiasm, to build our future every day. Our future draws its strength from the territory of origin, to which the company dedicates care and attention, contributing to its wealth and sustainable development.

Our History and Mission

Valmex was born in 1999 from the sale of a branch of the company MVM Meccanica Valle Metauro, a company founded thirty years earlier by Engineer Severino Capodagli.

In the corporate structure of Valmex, alongside the Capodagli family, are the members of the Spanish Orkli S.Coop company belonging to the Mondragon Corporation, a federation of workers’ cooperatives based in the Basque Country in Spain.

The fact of being born as a family business and the desire to continue to be one in the future has allowed Valmex to firmly hold on to qualities such as fairness, respect, conscientiousness and a sense of value, developing that strong sense of responsibility in every moment of the company’s life that must translate into attitudes that are active and positive, and never passive. A line of conduct that the family has entrusted to the company’s top management, which in turn has the aim of developing a virtuous path capable of involving its direct and indirect collaborators.

The family culture, the founding values and, consequently, the organisational model and relationships adopted within Valmex have always been fruitful ground and not issues that remain written on paper.

“‘The present and the future are already written: we must continue to look far ahead, to be long sighted'”.

Valmex offers its customers the best possible solutions for their applications, collaborating in the development of perfect approaches and state-of-the-art technology, with the aim of guaranteeing the highest possible levels of quality, with particular attention to environmental and occupational safety protection. To give substance to these intentions, the company is committed to applying and continuously improving an integrated ‘Quality – Environment – Safety’ system. This system favours the pursuit of a number of strategic priorities and goals: from acting responsibly, in compliance with environmental, health and safety at work legislation, preventing all forms of offences and/or crimes in this field, to ensuring the correct application of the technologies used and, where possible, pursuing the improvement of these technologies and the adoption of the most advanced ones from an environmental and safety point of view, working to ensure that the regulations governing these aspects are known.

External Collaborations

Since its foundation, Valmex has been collaborating with universities and university departments, receiving thesis students as well as entrusting research projects to specialised university laboratories.

Since 2020, we have been collaborating with MADE – Competence Centre Industria 4.0 of the Milan Polytechnic, which has supported Valmex in its digitisation process. We started from the Digital Maturity assessment, in order to define the I4 Strategy. After the field survey, aimed at identifying the Company’s critical areas, we determined the ‘to be’, i.e. the areas for improvement needed to boost the degree of Digital Maturity. This was followed by an adoption plan based on the expected costs and benefits.


ASME Certification Mark  Montefelcino Office
Certification Mark
Declaration of compliance to the
Reach 1907-06-CE Directive
Declaration of compliance
Directive RoHS III
The National Board of Boiler & Vessel Certificate
gender equality
UNI PDR 125:2022
The National Board of Boiler & Vessel inspectors Certificate of Authorization to register