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We think that the corporate culture has to do with what we decide to be every day: to be us, first, an example. This is Valmex and our Mission:

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We can decide to feel part of something important and decide to do something that matters. We can choose to help make a change and not wait for it. This is the Valmex of the future and our Vision:

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We have written our values starting from what we have been up to now since 1969 with in mind how we would like to read our story tomorrow. Few but important cornerstones on which an important past and a promising future stands:

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Valmex offers worldwide to heating systems, cooling and air conditioning manufacturers the Best Solutions for their applications.

Valmex offers a full range of products and services. The customer receives the product from its idea to production and delivery, through the design, prototyping, certification, assembly and testing.

Currently Valmex is one of the main producers of copper, aluminum and stainless steel heat exchangers for gas boilers.
Valmex is present with its heat exchangers in the industrial refrigeration for several applications.