Our mission is to offer to the producers of heating, cooling and climatization systems of all the world the best solutions for their applications, by cooperating with the clients in developing new projects and technical solutions, and respecting environmental, quality and security norms.

We think that the corporate culture has to do with what we decide to be every day: to be us, first, an example. We want to be the global reference point in the development of excellent and innovative technological solutions designed for the comfort of home  environments. We work every day with availability and a sense of responsibility to gain the trust of the customer.


Research and Development

VALMEX S.p.A. works with all the most important tools, programs and systems to guarantee a progressive improvement of all the research & development activities. VALMEX S.p.A. cooperates together with all its clients and some important Universities (Ancona, Padova) in the development of new products.

The following are some of the projects being now studied by our R&D department:

  • Copper and aluminium heath exchanger following the indications of our clients
  • New condensing modules in stainless steel and aluminium
  • New aluminium heat exchangers
  • Development of the new ranges of aluminium mini-channel condensers for refrigeration and climatization industries.
  • Development of aluminium mini-channel evaporators for refrigeration and climatization industries.

A modern laboratory for the tests on heat exchangers for domestic gas boilers began its activities in October of 2008. In this laboratory we can make the following tests:

  • Emission tests (CO, CO2, etc..)
  • Fumes efficiency test
  • Water efficiency: EN297, EN483, EN677
  • Sanitary tests: EN 625, EN 13203

For all these tests we use a Microplan efficiency test bank, a test bank for combustion and life test and a fumes analyzer.

Very soon we will start working with a new laboratori for testing all the aluminium condensers for the refrigeration and climatization industry. Currently we employ qualified external centers for such testing service.

Valmex History