Parallel-flow condensers have totally replaced the mechanical condensers (Cu/Al) in the automotive industry.The same is happening in all the cooling-related industries (commercial and industrial air conditioning, commercial and industrial refrigeration, etc…). The acceptance of the market for this new kind of condensers is growing every year as their applications are multiplying.

Parallel-flow condensers are completely made in aluminium and brazed in the Valmex plant with a braze welding process in a Nocolok furnace. All the components of the condenser are braze-welded to give solidity and perfect conductivity.

It is possible to produce the parallel-flow condensers with one level (21 mm or 25 mm thickness) or two levels (50 mm thickness). More elements are: frontal dimensions, pace and type of fins, circuits, connections, supports.



  • less volatile material costs;
  • become more competitive;
  • reduce costs with big volumes production;
  • well accepted technology, no risks, high reliability;
  • average cost reduction of aluminium compared to copper: 25%.

Technical features

Fins and manifolds: Al 3003 aluminium alloy, with low silicon content and without magnesium. Al 4045 and Al 4343 alloys are used for brazing: they have up to 10% silicon and no magnesium
Multiport pipes: in Al 3102, zinc covered for corrosion protection

Manifolds: from 112 mm to 812 mm
Pipes Multiport: 21×2 mm or 25×2 mm, 10 mm or 12,5 mm pitch
Levels: 1 (condenser thickness 21 mm or 25 mm), 2 (condenser thickness 50 mm)
10 mm pitch pipes: fin with louvers, 1,4 – 1,9 mm
12,5 mm pitch pipes: fin with louvers, 2 – 2,5 mm

It is possible to have many different internal circuits, by inserting small plates inside the manifolds

Blocks, nipless, copper pipe (by welding aluminium and copper)

Maximum working pressure: 45 bar
Burst pressure: 135 bar

Some examples: R 134a, R 410a, R 404a, R 407 a, R 407c, R 507a, R290

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